Finding The Silver Linings – 326 Days To Go

The surgery is postponed…by 326 days. It feels more like a slap in the face than postponed.

We took yesterday to process, to grieve, to be angry. Today it’s my duty and mission to help Ryan and be here for him. I’ve seen him spiral out of routine and good habits before. This news can easily start him on the fast track down once again.

My first task is to look for the silver linings in all of this mess. So far I have: 1) we are both working remotely from home now due to coronavirus so he won’t be home alone if he has a seizure. 2) we have another 326 days to ensure we are financially able to afford the surgery and needs surrounding it. 3) we have another 326 days to educate the community and help others like Ryan.

So now that the silver linings are identified, at least the ones I can think of for the moment, the immediate focus is on Ryan. I will keep working on achieving the silver linings/goals for our family and for ROC Stop Seizures but today is about Ryan and helping him to see the silver linings too.

For Ryan, when and if you read this, remember you are loved by many, followed by many, and supported by many. We have had many hurdles since we’ve been married. We will get over this one too.

Photo and words by Ryan himself

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