ROC (Ryan O’Connor), is an Army Veteran, who many years after his discharge from the Army was diagnosed with Epilepsy. While it has never been determined the cause of ROC’s Epilepsy, he recognizes that over 100,000 service members have returned home with battle induced seizure disorders and over 3 million Americans have Epilepsy. ROC also recognizes that Epilepsy awareness and research is a severely underfunded area.

Actor and Epilepsy Advocate talks about the ROC Stop Seizures’ 2022 Journey of 1000 Miles

On October 1, 2022, ROC started walking from Florida, with the intent to walk 1000 miles to Missouri, to further the mission of ROC Stop Seizures. Due to circumstances unrelated to ROC’s epilepsy or walking condition, the Journey had to come to an end in Alabama. Although unhappy with having to end the Journey early, ROC was overjoyed to have taught so many people along the way about Epilepsy and Battle Induced Seizure Disorders.

ROC recognizes how much impact the shortened 2022 Journey of 1000 Miles had that ROC Stop Seizures is now planning its next Journey of 1000 miles to take place in Spring of 2025.

Please Join the Journey by donating to the cause, joining us at our various events on our calendar, or contacting us to be a member of our planning committee. Please also support and spread awareness with us through ROC Stop Seizures’ #neverquit merchandise sold through both TeeSpring and CafePress.

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