Journey of 1000 Miles Sponsors

As ROC takes his Journey of 1000 Miles from Longwood, Florida, to Fenton, Missouri, it is key for him to be properly equipped with food, hydration, clothing, lodging, environment, and a crew for his health and seizure prevention. We thank the corporate sponsors on this page who have provided in kind and/or monetary donations so that ROC can make this Journey.

Thank you 1stPhorm for all of the protein and other needed supplements to help ROC’s muscles recover on this 1000 mile Journey!
LMNT is awesome for getting in electrolytes. Thank you LMNT for the variety pack to keep ROC going. Stay Salty!
Thank you Keto Brick for the variety pack that will help keep ROC fueled on the Journey!
Chicken Pound donated 30 pounds of ready made pre-portioned chicken to last ROC through the walk will be well enjoyed on ROC’s snack/meal breaks. Thank you!
Thank you to Duration Health for the medical kit that ROC will have ready at hand for any unexpected medical needs he may have during his walk in addition to its guidance and support in ROC’s Journey of 1000 miles.
We estimate ROC will go through at least 4 pairs of shoes during the actual Journey of 1000 miles. Thank you to HOKA for providing ROC with one pair of his favorite HOKA Clifton 8 shoes to help him to train for the Journey.
The City of Longwood, Florida is the start of ROC’s walk and is helping with ROC’s send-off. Thank you for all of your support.
Thank you Bombas for the 12-pack of socks for ROC to use in training and during the walk. Socks are a definite necessity for this walk!

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