ROC Stop Seizures is a 501(c)(3) corporation with the mission to raise Epilepsy awareness through every day experiences.

Ryan O’Connor (a/k/a ROC) is an Army Veteran who was diagnosed with Epilepsy as an adult at 36 years old. Ryan and Marissa met before Ryan was diagnosed but dated and got married several years after his diagnosis. As a patient and a caregiver, Ryan and Marissa have lived through Ryan’s many unsuccessful medication changes and adjustments, Ryan’s different types of seizures with no explanation, and Ryan’s hospitalizations and brain implant surgery.

Through ROC Stop Seizures, Ryan and Marissa bring their everyday experiences to others to raise awareness for those who are also diagnosed with Epilepsy and Veterans with Epilepsy. Their awareness efforts include a blog, the use of social media, sponsors, fundraising, and projects, such Ryan’s Journey of 1000 Miles in Spring 2025.

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