Trainings and Outreach

One in 26 people will be diagnosed with Epilepsy and 1 in 10 people will have a seizure in their life.  According to the CDC, in 2015 (the most recent statistics available) “there were “about 3.4 million people with epilepsy nationwide: 3 million adults and 470,000 children.”   The CDC also noted that if you “[t]hink of a school with 1,000 students–this means about 6 of them could have epilepsy.”  (

However, both children and adults with Epilepsy or seizure disorders live under a stigma.  They are made to feel like they cannot reach their goals because they might have a seizure in doing so.  Everything is an uphill battle.  People with Epilepsy or seizures are scared of going out because what if they have a seizure at school, or work, or when out with a friend.  Schools, work places, and the general public do not know what to do if a person were to have a seizure.

ROC Stop Seizures sets out to empower those with Epilepsy or seizures to be able to be their own advocate as well as teaching those around them what it means to have Epilepsy or seizures so that they will understand how common the conditions are, what might trigger a seizure, and what to do in the event that someone has a seizure.

Through outreach events, health fairs, and trainings in the work place and schools, ROC Stop Seizures is able to further its mission and efforts to raise awareness and educate others. Check here for events where you will find us or contact us to schedule a virtual training.

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