ROC Stop Seizures started as a GoFundMe to raise funds for Ryan O’Connor (ROC) and his family. The fundraising efforts started in October 2018, when Ryan had possibly the worst seizure since his diagnosis of Epilepsy in 2011. There was a steady increase of bills that resulted beginning with car payments and insurance costs for a car that Ryan was no longer able to drive, continuing with medical bills and unpaid time off of work for hospitalizations for seizure monitoring and seizure recovery time at home, and hopefully ending with the expenses involved in Ryan’s three week hospital stay so that he could the brain implant to hopefully help stop his seizures.

With continuous medication changes, implant adjustments, lab work, and doctors appointments, Ryan continues to fight the Epilepsy and search for a way to get it under control and hopefully cured. In the meantime, we recognize the need for Epilepsy awareness by raising funds to help others who are in similar situations as Ryan’s and to support the organizations who also help raise awareness and who provide education and research. In January 2022, ROC Stop Seizures became a 501(c)(3) corporation so that it can further Ryan’s efforts to raise awareness and the possibilities of a cure.

Please help ROC Stop Seizures’ efforts by sharing its story with others, volunteering at its upcoming events, and/or donating to our cause.

Please also support and spread awareness with us through ROC Stop Seizures’ #neverquit merchandise sold through both TeeSpring and CafePress.

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