In addition to raising awareness for others, ROC Stop Epilepsy is about raising funds for Ryan O’Connor has family. The fundraising efforts started in October 2018, when Ryan had possibly the worst seizure since his diagnosis of epilepsy in 2011. 

Unfortunately, the seizure was so bad that Ryan had to stop driving.  He was stuck with car payments, insurance costs, etc for a car that was not being used and can’t be sold because it’s value is half of the loan amount due. 

We therefore reached out for help to raise the money needed to bring down or pay off the loan so that Ryan could sell the car for its true value. The proceeds of the car and money raised also help to provide funds for public transportation and relieve some of my burden as primary transportation for him, our toddler son, and myself. 

However, the need for the fundraising increased as this epilepsy flare up continued. There were the bills from the emergency 911 visit to the hospital after his October seizure in another state. Then Ryan learned that his type of epilepsy may have been misdiagnosed so he underwent a week long hospitalized monitoring. As the medical bills added up from all of this, the testing was inconclusive. Ryan will have to do the testing again in the future. All of the testing could show that Ryan is a candidate for brain surgery, which although expensive, may actually cure the epilepsy. 

After the testing was completed, Ryan had the seizure his doctors needed to observe during the testing. In fact he had not just one, but two seizures within a week’s time. One of the seizures resulted in another 911 call and both caused him to miss work without any sick pay available to him. 

With continuous medication changes, lab work, and doctors appointments, Ryan continues to fight the epilepsy and search for a way to get it under control and hopefully cured. In the meantime, his fight also brings more medical expenses, transportation expenses, time off of work without pay, and struggling to help support his family financially.

Please help by donating to ROC Stop Seizures and share our story with others.

Please also support and spread awareness with us through ROC Stop Seizures’ #neverquit merchandise sold here.

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