We Continue On…

As we count down to Ryan’s Journey of 1000 miles in October, we continue to make the preparations. Ryan is working with his doctor to wean down his medications as he loses weight and fine tunes his ketogenic diet. I routinely find Ryan doing mini-workouts during the day so that he can get in shape for both the Journey and his overall health. We also have been trying out camping foods in hopes to find some good ready made, diet appropriate, eat on the run (no pun intended) meals for Ryan.

We are honored and excited to have already received donations. Duration Health donated a medication kit so that Ryan can overcome any emergency medical needs. Hoka is sending Ryan his favorite Hoka shoes, the Clifton 8, which they have donated to help him with his training.

We have also been able to get the help from the City of Longwood, Florida, Ryan’s starting point, in helping to send off Ryan on his Journey. It is our vision to have other cities, counties, and/or states along the route to help greet and support Ryan as he walks through them. In a few months, we will be in the ending city of Fenton, Missouri, to get things ready for Ryan to cross the finish line of his Journey.

There are only four months left until Ryan’s Journey begins on October 1st and still a lot to be done. We continue to research RV options so that Ryan has a place to sleep and live out of when he is not on the road walking/running. We are also researching hotels that are able to help with a place to stay along the way so that Ryan can get a break from the RV every now and then.

While this is such an exciting event for ROC Stop Seizures, as Ryan’s wife and caregiver, I can’t help but to be nervous about Epilepsy flareups. Luckily, Ryan’s neurologist has given him the clearance he needs, which helps ease me. Also seeing Ryan’s dedication to undertake this Journey keeps me going as well, including his continuing on despite minor flare-ups at home. You’ve got this Ryan!

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