The Wait and See

It has been about four weeks since Ryan’s NeuroPace implant surgery. I’ve been uninspired to write or update during this time. Ryan has been bored, depressed (although he won’t admit that) and still having myoclonic jerks and tonic clinic seizures. These aren’t the things I was hoping to report.

However there is still hope. at this point the device is learning his brain activity. We try to look at it as if the jerks and seizures are just helping the device know when to stop this abnormal brain activity before it starts. We just have to look forward to the device being fully activated at this point.

Mid-August is the time. Ryan has an appointment with the neurosurgeon and the neurologist. They will get their updates on occurrences since the surgery and then activate the device. In the meantime, medications will continue to be adjusted, personal plans will be changed, and the seizures will be continued.

We can’t quit, we won’t quit, we never quit. We have come too far for this implant not work. I am inspired to have the next post be better news.

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