Surgery Day – Take Two

Here we go again. It’s surgery day. We just did this a week and a half ago but yet it all feels different this time.

After having the probes put in his brain over a week ago and getting readings from Ryan’s seizure last Monday night, the doctors decided they needed to see more. Instead of waiting for more seizures, however, the doctors want to put two more probes in and wait for another seizure.

As with the first surgery, it seems appropriate to provide a time accounting of the day. This is it:

2:00 am. – I wake up. I can’t sleep. I have everything ready to go. This is all so familiar but Ryan is already at the hospital. Visiting hours are generally between 9 am and 8 pm but Ryan told me they are making it so I can go to Ryan’s room between 6 and 6:30 before they take him down to surgery. If for some reason I miss him his night nurse will make sure I get to him.

4:00 – I have been in and out of sleep for the past half an hour. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. The surgery is shorter since we know they are only putting in two probes. We have been through this once so this second time should be a breeze.

4:30 – after they took Ryan into surgery the first time I went to the cafeteria for breakfast. The cashier noticed my ROC Stop Seizures #neverquit top. She reminded me of the old saying, “winners never quit and quitters never win.” As this saying pops into my head again this morning it inspires me. It’s go time. Let’s do this!

6:15 – I made it to Ryan’s room just in time. While I was riding up the elevator they came to get Ryan to take him down to surgery. Luckily it took some time for them to disconnect all of his wires and get him ready for the bed transfer. He looked good. The nurse said he’s been pretty laid back about this. I noted that it’s easier to be that way this time because we know the drill. (No pun intended given they are about to drill into his skull!)

8:15 – and away he goes. The start of anesthesia in his system and they roll him to the OR. It will take them about another hour to get him fully ready so they can begin. I anticipate about a four hour wait until they tell me he’s done and I talk to the doctor. Last time I went running to the cafeteria for food and coffee because I didn’t feel right having it in front of Ryan while he was fasting. Since he was already at the hospital this time, I drove through Starbucks for coffee and some egg bites. In other words, I have no need to run to the cafeteria now but hmmm, what else am I going to do for four hours?

11:30 – the nurse from the surgical services called me. Apparently the doctor tried to call me awhile ago (the nurse’s call is the first time my phone rang) but couldn’t get me. Ryan is out of surgery and everything went well. Ryan has been in the recovery area for about an hour. They are now making the arrangements to move him back to his room where he has been since after the first surgery. They gave him extra nausea medications before the surgery and now I’m helping him to eat ice chips. Hopefully he won’t have nausea this time around.

4:00 pm – it’s been a pretty uneventful afternoon. Ryan got the wires hooked up to the monitors. The nurse has been making sure his pain is under control. There hasn’t been any signs of nausea this time. Both of us have been sleeping. Ryan is reading me memes and posts from Social media. Hopefully I don’t jinx this but I don’t expect any seizures to come before the end of the day. I think it’s safe to wrap this entry up and start tomorrow in Limbo yet again.

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