Limbo Day 8 – Next Steps Revealed

Thank you to all who prayed and wished for Ryan to have a seizure. Admittedly a weird thing to thank for but the prayers and wishes worked so a thank you is well deserved.

Last night, after visiting hours, and after reposting Ryan’s live video as a blog entry, it happened…Ryan had a major tonic clinic seizure.

Cuts from hands clenching during seizure

It is difficult to say what triggered it. Ryan ate nitrates in the late morning. The doctors removed his gluten allergy so he could try eating gluten for a possible trigger. There were also some pretty good thunderstorms going on in the area. Or maybe, just maybe, Ryan had the seizure because it was time and not because it was triggered by anything he did.

We will probably never know. I’m not even sure that we care. Now we want to know the next steps. We want to know if the one seizure was enough. We want to know what the data says.

The surgeon came by this morning and said that the team is looking at all of the data and the longer they take the more data they get. He also explained that Ryan is looking at surgery towards the end of the week but it still is up in the air as to the type of surgery. They may even decide they need more probes inserted to get more information.

While the information from the surgeon was good, we really need to hear from the neurologist at this point.

The neurologist on rotation came through only to tell us they don’t know anything yet. She explained that Ryan has a complex case because while the seizures and jerks seem to come from the back left, there are similar spikes in four different points of the brain. In other words, they still can’t pinpoint the source or the type of epilepsy Ryan has.

So, what is the answer you ask? The rounding neurologist, the primary neurologist, and the surgeon conferences Ryan’s case today and decided they need to insert more probes.

Again the nerves have kicked in for both of us but at least we know what to expect now. Ryan is scheduled to have the additional probes inserted this Thursday.

If he has any seizures before Thursday’s surgery, then maybe they can cancel it and reassess what to do in these next steps. But I think we will start wait to ask again for prayers and wishes for seizures until after the surgery and not before.

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