Keep Calm…One Day To Go

One day to go and it is all about dotting I’s and crossing T’s. Keep calm, take a breath, I’ve had to tell myself this and tell Ryan this.

Tomorrow is the big day. It’s Ryan’s brain surgery. Well, the first part of the brain surgery. The doctors will put their robotics to use by placing probes in Ryan’s brain so that they can monitor him and make some treatment decisions.

Many people have followed our story up to this point (and thank you to all of you for your support, concern, and interest). Our story through the preparations, through coronavirus, through the postponement, and currently through our one week freak out due to the surgery moving up again.

We are still faced with the unknown related to the surgery and recovery. We are also faced with issues of the still present coronavirus.

Just before the surgery was postponed due to COVID, Ryan recorded a video directed to Our son and a video directed to me. I was never able to watch either. Today, I finally watched the video for me and found it just on point today as it was three months ago.

As we finish the day with some crazy prep work ryan needs to do and prepping the rest of the household for tomorrow, I thought it only appropriate to share these videos again.

Be prepared, they are emotional but keep calm,..only one day to go.

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