Flying Three Days To Go Turned To Two

Yesterday counted three days to go until Ryan’s brain surgery. Yet somehow the day flew by and now we are at two days to go.

Don’t get me wrong. Day three days to go was a great day. A productive day really. Ryan got the last of his pre-surgery lab work and hospital registration completed. We finished the last of our at home preparation. Ryan and I even ended the day with some amazing massages that Ryan arranged when we still thought his surgery would be in February.

It is very odd some of the things Ryan did the week before he got the call moving up the surgery. First, he scheduled our massages as if he knew that this weekend would be our last family weekend until whenever he gets home from the hospital. (Two weeks? Two months? It all depends on the results from monitoring after the first surgery)

Then, he decided to shave his head. This in itself is not unusual because he has been doing it since before he was supposed to have the surgery in March. What was unusual about this time was that after he did it he announced, “this is the last time I am shaving my head before surgery” to which I responded, “the surgery isn’t until February.” Two days later Ryan received the call from the neurosurgeon’s office telling Ryan the surgery is a week away.

It is almost like Ryan was sensing that call coming. Now the days are speeding by.

Day two days to go will likely go the same as yesterday. We are using the day for quality family time and Ryan has some house projects he might work on as well. While I like these days going quickly so as to not have time to dwell on the surgery, I also want them to slow down so that I can cherish this time together as a family.

I know there will be more quality family weekends in the future. It’s just a matter of when. There is so much unknown going into this surgery including, in part, how long will Ryan be in the hospital and how long he will he need to recover.

The answers will come…eventually…but for now I’m ready for a little more slow down and once Ryan is admitted into the hospital the time to go by fast until he is home again.

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