Epilepsy Awareness Day

Although we are coming to the end of it, today is Epilepsy Awareness Day.

If you missed it, that’s OK. Epilepsy also has November for awareness month. Hopefully you were able to wear a little bit of purple. Although honestly, I didn’t.

I knew it was Epilepsy Awareness Day but still forgot to wear purple! Maybe because in our house, every day is Epilepsy Awareness Day. In more ways than one.

From living with a spouse with epilepsy, to writing my blogs, to posting in our Facebook group, to managing the GoFundMe page, I am consumed with epilepsy awareness. I know that with each entry, post and update, I am helping to spread awareness to others through our life stories and others.

Someday ROC Stop Seizures will be more than raising awareness but will also be a way to help others with epilepsy in their day to day lives.

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