6 Days To Go: The Calm Before The Storm?

I can’t speak for Ryan but for me, today I took a break. I took a break from worrying and stressing. Between the unknowns around Ryan’s surgery and recovery, the concerns of the money issues and fundraising needs resulting from the surgery, and the constant changes resulting in, what I call, the Coronavirus chaos there is a lot to create worry and stress.

I know it will all be back tomorrow as we prepare to work remotely, when we meet with a friend to talk about fundraiser possibilities, and as we go through our checklists to see what else needs to be done. Trust me, it’s all in the back of my mind. But I love this opportunity to enjoy the calm before the storm.

As I take the breath, relax a little bit, and think how I really have nothing to write about today, Ryan says to me, “I don’t want to freak you out…”. Well of course I’m going to freak out when he starts with that!

It turned out not to be such a freak out but a sad moment. He wanted me to watch this video of him talking to our son. I don’t know how long it is or everything Ryan says because I started crying not far into the video.

I watched enough to have it hit hard, this is really happening. Ryan is really having this surgery. The storm is coming. Now I just have to look forward to the sun to follow. I know it will be there, it’s just a matter of how long it takes.

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