The Coronavirus Impact On The Countdown With 9 Days To Go

I have tried hard not to cave to all of the Coronavirus scare. I haven’t gone panic shopping. I haven’t stopped going out in public. I haven’t been worried for the most part because it is what it is and I do what I have to do.

On the other hand, I like having plans and I don’t like when plans change. I really don’t like when I don’t know what the new plan will be.

Ryan and I have been counting down to this surgery with a plan. Ryan’s meal plan: me cooking and taking him food. Childcare plan: family staying at the house to help cart the kiddo around while I’m with Ryan. Visiting/work plan: with the hospital so close to work I can visit ryan on breaks and extended lunches.

Now there is the threat of the hospital not letting me visit. The threat of my work having me work from home instead of the office. The threat of the kiddo’s school closing. The threat that the family helping us during the hospitalization are all over 70 and might be better off in their own homes. The threat that I have an autoimmune disease of my own and probably have no business being at the hospital with this virus around.

I can’t stand the thought of not being at the hospital while Ryan is in surgery. Or the thought that I will not be able to see him for who knows how long. Or that I can’t talk to his doctors about how he’s doing. Or worst of all that the surgery gets postponed because of all of this. These are the things that worry me the most about coronavirus.

How is coronavirus impacting the countdown? No clue. We have 9 days ago and anything can happen. Until then I just have to try not to worry about the unknown and roll with the punches.

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