The Countdown Continues With 10 Days To Go

The countdown continues. It is weird to think Ryan’s surgery is a week and a half away. 10 days away.

10 days. It sounds like it should be some kind of new challenge. Or maybe a movie title.

But in our house it’s neither of these. In our house its a true countdown. It’s time to spend as a family. It’s time to prepare for anything and everything.

It’s funny, with all of this counting down and crossing off days, I have yet to change our master family calendar from February to March. Maybe it’s subconscious. Maybe I’m afraid to put admission day on the calendar. Suddenly saying I’ve been too busy to get to changing it is really just an excuse.

I need to suck it up and do it already. There is a lot to put on it. Vet appointments for the dogs, activities for the kiddo, doctors appointments for me, and, of course, the surgery.

But even as I write this I make more excuses to avoid the inevitable. Really, what am I supposed to do? It’s 1:30 in the morning! And it’s a giant dry erase whiteboard calendar on our kitchen wall! I can’t risk waking the house to go erase last month’s calendar and put up this month’s by the light of my phone flashlight!

In the morning before carting everyone to school and work…really I will do it…I promise. I made it a New Year’s resolution to be more organized in light of the many household and work needs and the countdown to the surgery. I can’t break the resolution or this habit because of my fear of actually seeing the words on the calendar. “March 23-Ryan hospital.”

Besides, the countdown will continue if I change the calendar or not. Changing the calendar with 0 days to go cannot happen. I may as well do it as the countdown continues with 10 days to go.

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