The Start of 23 Days To Go

23 days to go, not even 6am., I wake to a half sleep with Ryan having a myoclonic jerk on his way to take his morning meds, the dog wakes me all the way to alert me something’s wrong, Ryan gets back in bed, and on comes the seizure. This is how 23 days to go started.

It takes me back to one of my first posts about being a caregiver.

It also makes me think of the post I’ve been trying to write for a week now. How we are all in this together. Ryan says that even with family around him he still feels alone in this.

I get him on his side during the seizure, rub his chest to comfort him as he comes out of it, and make sure he knows who he is, who I am, and who the president is before starting the rest of the day, we are all in this together. The worry, the stress, and the love.

23 days to go started with a seizure. All we can do now is keep counting down, keep fundraising to support our family while Ryan’s out of work for the surgery (, and keep living each day like any other.

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