Counting Down to Brain Surgery

I started this site over a year ago with the intent to raise Epilepsy awareness. While I do mean awareness for those who have been diagnosed with Epilepsy, I also mean awareness for those of us living with those who have Epilepsy.

I sadly wrote one entry and then disappeared. The Epilepsy got worse, the treatments became more and more ineffective, and time took control of our lives. Since my husband, Ryan, has been on every possible medication and no medication or cocktail of medications are effective, and no diet is fully effective, we are now counting down to surgery.

We have 73 days to go until go time. The surgery is inevitable and looking like the only option. I have been looking at this as his countdown is my countdown. However, as we get closer to the surgery, I’ve decided not to let time defeat me. It’s time to write more on the blog website, post more on Facebook, and do more to make sure we are financially ready for whatever may happen by way of the fundraising page.

Ryan has been counting down to the surgery and now I will too. I may be on my phone at 3 am to do it but it will get done. Hey, if Ryan can wake up that early to make sure he is physically and mentally ready in time for the surgery, so can I!

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